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This Week in Koi - 10/10/10

Happy "10's" Day, 10/10/10. On this week in Koi, we bring you a top 10 list of what went down on the web in the world of koi. Without further ado, let's get on with the 10.

  1. High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood, California posted this awesome Twitpic photo of a tattoo they did featuring two red koi fish, which apparently represents love. Great job on the ink, guys!
  2. This Twitter user tweeted what A Koi Story already knows: koi make a great gift!
  3. Twitter user @nowamunkie busted her friend for trying to spell koi as "coi" in a game of Scrabble. It's not coy fish either, people. Lol, it's K-O-I.
  4. Need some koi charms? Check out this Etsy shop's deal on ornate pewter koi fish charms for your charm bracelet.
  5. Twitterer @LynnBay shared a great article she read about how to identify your koi fish. if you didn't already know, there many different varieties of koi.
  6. Twitterer @aoiare shared this amazing drawing of a koi.
  7. Want to learn how to create koi fish art? @Gedcarpizo shared a LivingDreaming.com entry featuring a wonderful tutorial on how to create koi paintings. Highly recommended!
  8. More and more people are raising koi. Check out this guy as he films himself feeding his koi.
  9. Looking for a show-quality Showa koi fish? Buy it on eBay before it's too late!
  10. And last but not least, check out these pics of koi in Florida posted by @skubersky on Twitpic.

What happened in your week, fellow koi lovers? Share your koi stories in the comments!


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