Japanese Koi Fish Guide

You're probably a koi lover already, aren't you? You have a koi or two (or 16) or are really close to buying some of the vibrant Japanese carp we call koi. 

And being such an avid koi lover, you no doubt want to educate yourself on how to properly care for and raise your koi (a Japanese carp, remember?).

Well you're in luck. A Koi Story has done all the leg work and proudly present the complete Japanese Koi Fish Guide

Raising Koi, Carp & Fish: A Beginner's Guide

You've just returned from the Pet Store after carefully guarding the precious plastic bags containing your wondering baby koi. Now what? Read our beginner's guide to raising koi. It doesn't take much to raise some healthy koi, but there are some do's and don'ts.

Koi are pretty hearty and can often fend for themselves in an ideal pond habitat. But feeding your Japanese koi carp fish food from a pet store is a fun way to bond with your colorful pets. Check out these koi feeding tips.

Are you looking to learn how to breed koi? Raise a gentle giant of a koi with the right skill, care and patience. Check out A Koi Story's koi breeding manual. Turn a small group of fry into your next batch of pets or a nice side income.

Are you looking to purchase new koi for your fish pond? Don't spend an arm and leg and make sure you buy at the right time of the year. Be sure to read about these and more tips on how to buy koi fish on the cheap.

Think you know your koi? With over two-dozen main varieties of Japanese koi, it's hard to keep all those carp straight. A Koi Story is your guide to the different types of koi fish.

Do you have advice or suggestions on how we can improve our Japanese koi fish guide? Let us know!