Looking for the supplies you'll need to be a good koi parent? Here are some of the products we love and recommend.

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koi education

Koistory.com has been hard at work to create its own line of koi education resources. We aim to teach people how to raise the happiest koi fish possible without overwhelming you with everything there is to know about them.



What should you feed your koi fish? It depends on their age, size and the season. These are our favorite koi foods whether you're budget-conscious or looking to spoil your koi.


Koi pond WATER quality supplies

Koi ponds are an ecosystem that must be maintained. Chemicals in the water need to be regulated and we've assembled our list of recommendations.




Nothing keeps water cleaner than an effective pump and filtration system in your pond. Here are some products that will keep your koi pond safe, clean and beautiful.


purchase koi FISH

We love raising koi fish, but we also love Next Day Koi when it comes to purchasing gorgeous, fully-grown koi.

You'll get a beautiful, purebred koi variety that is guaranteed to survive shipping and transfer to your pond.

Plus, you'll receive a 10% discount by using the promo code: koistory

Get a 10% discount on all purchases using coupon code: "koistory"

Get a 10% discount on all purchases using coupon code: "koistory"