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Winterizing Your Koi Fish Pond

The temperature has been falling over the last few weeks and the koi fish in the pond have been getting more and more sluggish, indicating that winter is on the way. Will you be bringing you koi inside for the winter or is your pond deep enough to winterize? If your pond is deeper than four feet, you'll probably be OK to keep your koi fish outside. Here's a few things you'll want to do if you're winterize your koi pond:

  1. Get rid of all the leaves you can. Organic matter can build up at the bottom of you pond, which can effectively make for a shallower pond over time. Don't let you fish freeze  because the pond got too full of leaves/organic matter.
  2. Fill up that koi pond as full as it goes. Every inch of water can matter in the coldest of winter months. Make sure that your pond is brimming with water just prior to the big freeze setting in.
  3. Drain you pump and hoses. Water left in your pump or the attached hoses can freeze and crack your equipment during the winter. Drain everything and bring your pump into the garage or other storage area.
  4. Get a small disc heater made for keeping water troughs open at any farm supply or well-stocked pet store. Position it in the pond (you don't have to plug it in until a layer of ice appears on your pond) and get ready for the freeze. Keeping a small hole at the surface of the pond will allow gases to escape the pond throughout winter. Your fish are hearty and will survive the coldest months, but you can't let the ice freeze over or they'll asphyxiate.

That's about it. Be sure to handle these simple four tips if you're keeping your koi fish outside for the winter. What tips do you have for winterizing your koi?

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