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This week in Koi - 10/31/10

It's time for yet another exciting week in the word of Koi. Each week I scour what people are saying on Twitter and share it here on Koi Story. Do you have a koi story that you want us to cover? Let me know in the comments!

  1. @bobmasterontour is drawing a picture of a koi fish for a friend. Looks great so far!
  2. @rmipost posted this picture from RateMyInk.com. What a whopper of a koi tattoo!
  3. @elgc45 posted a good reminder for all those that live in colder climates. Time to bring in the koi fish if you don't have a deep enough koi pond.
  4. @chronicink posted this free-hand picture of a koi tattoo prior to inking it.
  5. Have you ever seen a koi fish with a human face? Check this out!

Do you have any koi stories to share? I'd love to feature your koi website. Just let me know!

Winterizing Your Koi Fish Pond

This week in Koi - 10/24/10