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Koi Pond Ideas That Will Help Make Pond Perfect

Koi Pond Ideas That Will Help Make Pond Perfect

So you have decided to become a koi parent - congratulations! You definitely won't regret investing in the peace that koi fish can bring to your life, but first they need a place to live. Your koi pond will be a permanent fixture in your yard so you need to come up with some koi pond ideas before you start working. The best way to decide on what you want your pond to look like is to look at some koi pond ideas or examples either in person or online. To help we have come up with some great koi pond ideas that will help you design the perfect koi pond!


What is more relaxing than sitting by a koi pond surrounded by trees and flowers? Creating a pond that looks like it was always there is a popular koi pond idea for good reason. A natural setting creates a peaceful atmosphere perfect for relaxing and admiring your koi. It is also fairly easy to create a natural looking pond and still change it so it is unique to your yard. A natural pond usually has a bean shape and is ringed with rocks and different types of greenery. Adding a small waterfall or another water feature will add even more charm to your pond!

koi pond ideas - natural.jpg


If you like the look of things that are neat and symmetrical this koi pond idea will be perfect for you. Ponds with a more modern style are satisfyingly symmetrical and neat usually ringed in cement with little foliage around the pond to distract from the beautiful fish in the water. There is no better style of pond if you want to attract attention to an award winning koi! You can add a fountain to the pond to add to your ponds beauty or even a elegant waterfall. However it is important to remember with this type of pond that your koi will need a decent amount of shade so be sure to place the pond in a shady area.



Your pond is going to be a focal point of your backyard so getting creative with it can add a lot of personality or functionality to your yard. If you can put enough water in something for a koi fish to live happily you can probably turn it into a pond for your koi so go crazy! A few koi pond ideas that are fun and creative are to turn a classic brass tub into an odd but charming koi pond, or you could turn a few large vases into a series of small ponds. If you have found yourself with a rarely used swimming pool you can even turn that into a large koi pond, so get creative and work with what you have!

With these koi pond ideas hopefully you have an idea of what you would like your pond to look like! Remember to plan everything out to be just right before you start digging and create the perfect pond for you. 

What does your pond look like? How long did it take you to build your koi fish pond? Did you run into any problems along the way? We would love to hear from you so comment down below!

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