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All About Ghost Koi Fish

All About Ghost Koi Fish

The Ghost koi fish has gained popularity in recent years, but many koi enthusiasts do not even recognize them as true koi fish - they refer to them as Ghost carp instead. The reason for this is because Ghost koi first came about when a mirror carp was breed with a metallic Ogon koi which makes them less domesticated than other koi. No matter what Ghost koi are called their charming coloring, unique characteristics, and friendly attitude make them a great first fish for new koi parents.



The Ghost koi got its name because of its illusion like coloring. The first Ghost koi was dark in color which lets it blend into the dark depths of a pond with only its metallic scales giving away its location making it appear like the ghost of a koi fish. Ghost koi do not have any significant markings with most of their beauty coming from their glistening metallic scales. Since the first Ghost koi was bred they have been bred to have cream, silver, and golden coloring which makes them look less ghostly, but just as stunning.

Unique Characteristics

Because of the fact that Ghost koi are hybrids they have the best characteristics of koi and carp. These koi are less susceptible to diseases which makes them a great choice for new owners who are not able to identify health problems quickly. The Ghost koi's close relation to Carp also enables them to grow quickly, this is good news for owners who want large koi in their pond quickly. Ghost koi are also prone to growing larger than many other koi - up to forty pounds. Despite all the characteristics Ghost koi inherited from their carp parent they still maintain a koi's beauty and friendly attitude.

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Many fear that because of the Ghost koi's more wild heritage they are more aggressive than other koi, but these koi are just as friendly as any other. Ghost koi are very food driven and learn quickly to swim to your hands for a bite to eat. These koi are also very active - you can always find them swimming near the surface of your pond looking for food. This will make them one of the most visible fish in your pond.

The Ghost koi or carp is a wonderful addition to any pond especially a new pond. Ghost koi are beautiful, friendly, and hardy which makes them the perfect first koi for a new koi parent. If you decide to add a Ghost koi to your pond be sure to have enough room to accommodate it as it quickly grows to be one of the largest koi in your pond.

Where your surprised by how the Ghost koi got its name? If not what surprised you the most about he Ghost koi fish? Do you think it should be called a Ghost koi or a Ghost carp? Let us know down below in the comment section!

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