Koi Pond Maintenance Through the Seasons

While koi fish may be known for their grace and beauty, few know that they are also one of the dirtiest and high-maintenance fish to own. Because they like to root up the pond’s bottom surface, and because they produce a lot of waste, koi pond water can easily become mucky and dingy. However, it’s extremely important for you to keep up with your koi’s environment. Keeping on top of maintenance ensures a proactive approach to any problems in the pond, and if problems do arise, you’ll catch them before they become even worse. Koi pond maintenance, while changing from season to season, is essential for the health and wellbeing of your entire koi population.

The Essential Koi Quarantine Tank

Adding a new koi to your pond is an exciting experience for any koi keeper, beginner or seasoned. However, when bringing a new koi home to the pond, many koi keepers make one fatal mistake – failure to quarantine. By skipping this essential step, an owner risks the health and wellbeing of the entire pond population. Read ahead to see why a koi quarantine tank is an essential in your koi keeping!

Swimming Pool or Koi Pool?

Do you or someone you know have an unused or underutilized backyard swimming pool? If you’re no longer getting the most out of your pool, consider an update! Makeover that neglected pool into something that will add serenity and beauty in your backyard. Converting a swimming pool into a koi pond creates a welcoming addition to any space. And the conversion is much easier than starting a pond from scratch. So ask yourself – swimming pool or koi pool?

The Tantalizing Tancho Koi

The Tancho is one of the most popular koi varieties in the world. A vision of simplicity, this sleek white koi is known for its trademark red pigmentation on the head. Striking and subtle, the Tancho is a vision of the Japanese flag – a white backdrop with a red centered sun. Tancho koi are also named after the Japanese Crane, or Red Crowned Crane, because of their shared red-spotted head.

All About Asagi Koi

The Asagi is one of the oldest breeds of the beautiful koi. Stoic and subdued, and sometimes even considered an acquired taste, you’re sure to see this common blue-scaled koi around in a pond near you!