The Case of Koi Pond Algae

If your otherwise-pristine koi pond suddenly develops the appearance of a green shag carpeting, you are witnessing the affects of an algal bloom. While common in koi ponds, this natural occurrence is highly unsightly and can even be harmful with excessive growth. Koi pond algae is normal but needs to be kept in check. Here’s a guide to keeping your waters crystal clear!

Across the Spectrum: Koi Fish Colors

One of the world’s most sought-after and highly recognizable fish is the koi. Because of their huge array of bright and vibrant colors, these fish make any pond come alive. Their colors and patterns, while beautiful, can also signify their variety. According to the Zen Nippon Airinkai, an international koi-keeping foundation, there are currently 15 recognized varieties of koi.

Considerations of Koi Pond Cleaning

Koi keeping is both a passion and an investment. Because you care so much for your koi and keeping them healthy, maintaining their aquatic environment is a necessity. And because koi produce so much waste, keeping their pond hygienic and in good quality is all the more important. Keeping up with your pond not only benefits your koi, but it saves you money too. Here’s a guide to koi pond cleaning.

Growing Koi to Their Full Potential

One of the joys of koi ownership is watching your fish friends grow up before your eyes. Especially if you’ve been there since their hatching, the transformation tiny koi eggs undergo to become full-grown fish is amazing to watch over the years. By providing a healthy and comfortable environment, maintaining proper nutrition, and a little luck, growing koi to their full potential will be a breeze.

All About Koi: Fish Facts

Hey there koi fish fans, enthusiasts, and keepers! Whether you’re a seasoned breeder or just beginning, there’s always something more to learn about this beautiful fish. Here are some fun koi fish facts. Enjoy!