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Koi fish treats: What to Feed Koi and What to Avoid

Koi fish treats: What to Feed Koi and What to Avoid

Feeding time is the best time of day for koi parents because who doesn't love to see the striking colors of all the koi in a pond swarming up for some food. However many don't realize there is another way to achieve the same effect while also pampering your koi ... treats! Giving your koi fish treats will not only be a delight to watch, but it also provides these surprisingly intellegent fish with stimulus as they attempt to figure out the best way to chow down. Even though Koi fish love treats no mater what they are there are some treats which will promote health in your koi and some which could be very dangerous.


Koi Fish Treats: Fruit

Just like humans koi fish love to have a peice of juicy fruit on a hot summer day. Some of their favorite treats are orange slices, grapes, and watermelon. Feeding your koi these treats may help reduce their stress as well as improve their immune system on top of being fun to watch. The hardest part about feeding your koi some of the larger fruits is getting them to try it for the first time. Many koi will not immediately realize what a tasty treat they have been given until you trick them into trying it then they will surely start chowing down. This video shows you how to get your koi to try a watermelon which looks like a lot of fun!

Koi Fish Treats: Vegtibles

Unlike most pets koi fish love to eat their greens. A few of their favorites are garlic, broccoli, and lettuce. Maybe koi fish can smell garlic because as soon as it is in the water koi fish will start munching away on the treat, and it is a good thing because not only is it a good source of nutrition but it also may help prevent health problems. Lettuce is probably one of the funnest treats to give your koi because watching them work together to rip apart the lettuce is always quite the display of color.

Koi Fish Treats: Meats

Koi fish are omnivores and love to munch on the occasional bit of meat be it a bug or a shrimp. Some of the best meaty treats to give koi fish are shrimp, crayfish, and worms. Your koi fish will love you forever if you toss them any one of these treats especially if they are still alive, but they would certainly understand if you decide to give them some frozen shrimp instead. If you do decide to give your koi some live treats you will be awed by the natural instincts of your koi as they give chase.


Koi Fish Treats: Foods to Avoid

Now that you know about all the wonderful options you have for koi fish treats it is time to go over the things you should avoid. Any food which is very high in carbohydrates should be avoided as they are hard for koi to digest and can even cause health problems if they are eaten to often. These foods include peas, corn, and bread (especially white bread). Another thing to avoid is feeding your koi anything you have caught yourself. While it may seem like a good idea to go fishing for a treat for your koi fish putting wild fish into your pond could introduce parasites or other sicknesses to your fish. 

Koi fish, just like any pet, love treats. They will gobble down anything from fruit to fish and love it, but remember to use these delicious koi fish treats in moderation because there is such thing as to much of a good thing.

Have you given your koi fish treats before? Do you plan on giving them treats now? leave a comment down below telling us about your koi fish's first time eating a treat!

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